Spring walk down Mulberry Lane

Spring has finally begun to show her colours in our neighbourhood. I went for a walk down Mulberry Lane this morning and noticed that every shrub, tree and twig along the roadside was budding cheerfully.

While some were barely beginning to open up, others were visibly welcoming the season.

Even the lowly cones littering the ground looked ready to create new life.

Barnyard cleaning has begun. As the owners work to remove the winter’s manure collection and give the ground a chance to rejuvenate, the horses are confined to a smaller area of the paddock.

And as one field begins to “green up” the farmer that owns it and the one across the road is preparing to spread his cow manure. He takes great care of his fields, fertilizing, liming, tilling, crop rotation etc. and consequently his cattle enjoy the benefits of excellent hay or corn silage, depending on the year.

To some, it’s just “cow poop”, but to a farmer it’s brown gold!
Spring has finally sprung!

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