Hanging around home

It may be an age thing or it may be that I enjoy very simple things. Over the past couple of days I’ve been puttering around the house and property, tending my railing-side gardens, and enjoying sitting out there under the pergola early in the morning.

Intricate weaving!

I noticed something on the lawn and when I picked it up I was delighted to see it was (probably) a robin’s nest. It was empty and I assume abandoned before yesterday’s wind blew it down. Mother Nature is amazing!

Perfectly round and just the right size for a few eggs
Utterly amazing details crafted by the parent-birds

Then I went on to check my planter boxes. My wee garden seems to be quite happy!

While sitting out there very early this morning I played around with my little solar lamp. It was just before sunrise while a myriad of birds were singing their wake-up calls to one another.

That’s the time of day when Joel and Harley go out for their walk, returning after sunrise. They both dress for visibility!

I headed out for an 11km bike ride and then came home to finish my early morning making 101 shortbread cookies.

Not a bad way to start a soon-to-be-lazy Saturday morning hanging around home!

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