The first full weekend of summer

Ours is a small town with a population hovering around 5000 people. But, it’s definitely a ‘happening place’, as they say.

On this first full weekend of summer, it was almost impossible to choose which activities to attend because there were so many. There was a Quarter Horse show at the #PrincessLouiseParkShowCentre, there was cattle penning in the adjacent #RonnieWilkinsCattlePenningRing, several baseball games, and the Diversifest event on Main Street was a multicultural extravaganza of information and entertainment. Over at AX, Sussex’s Arts & Culture Centre, there was a literary event featuring Bobbi-Jean McKinnon reading from her book “Shadow of Doubt – the Trials of Dennis Oland” and Jacques Poitras reading from his national bestseller, “Irving vs Irving – Canada’s feuding billionaires and the stories they won’t tell”.

It was a tough choice, but in the end, I opted to go to the readings. I’ve been interested in both of these books for a while and was familiar with both authors’ work as CBC reporters, so I was intrigued to listen to them read and answer questions about their books. Dr. Sandra Bell from UNBSJ did a wonderful job as moderator, adding insightful comments and pertinent questions to keep things rolling along. Needless to say, I came home with both books happily signed by their respective writers.

When I headed off on my early Sunday morning bike ride, I spied these daisies peeking out beneath the shrubs at the edge of our lot. They are my favourite (and so cheap!) flowers with their happy faces reaching toward the sun.

My Sunday morning rides are my favourite. Early in the morning, there is little to no traffic. The air is full of scents from sweet roses to tangy undertones of moss and the bitter, musty smells of decaying foliage that combine to overwhelm the senses. Today’s ride covered a bit over 14km, my longest to date!

On my way home I emerged from the Waling (and biking) Trail into Sullivan Park where the Village of Sussex Corner workers have created an amazing flower garden between the parking lot and the playground. I HAD to get a few shots!

After months of cold, damp weather, the heat this weekend was a welcome change (at least for me) although the humidity was a tad hard to take. It was a true welcome to summer!

2 thoughts on “The first full weekend of summer

  1. Such gorgeous flowers!!


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