Another (wonderful) sunny Saturday in Sussex!

As I pedalled down the hill from our house toward the Nature Trail, the sharp, sweet smell of pine trees filled my senses. Pedalling along the trail, that scent on the breeze was usurped by the scent of cooking grease from the donut factory nearby. I listened to the sounds of the water bouncing over the rocks in the creek-bed alongside the trail, and stopped to grab a photo as a duck landed disturbing the silky smooth water, creating small waves as it swam back and forth.

All around the area there was activity. There was a dressage show at the Princess Louise Park Show Centre, a dog agility trial in the field across the road from PLP, people playing tennis at the courts beside the field and a little further on, three ball games on three ballfields were underway.

There’s always something to do on a sunny Saturday in Sussex (NB).

Two friends and a little girl, along with their horses, were taking a break in the park behind PLP, letting the horses graze and relax before the rigours of competition.

Strolling down the pathway
and back again
Vivian’s horse wanted to go too
but settled for posing for me briefly

Never let it be said that there’s nothing to do in a small town on a weekend. These activities only scratch the surface of things going on in and around the town as friends with similar interests gather to enjoy each other’s company and whatever activity they share.

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