The scents & sounds of Sussex on a Saturday

Black Eyed Susans

Early in the morning, before the traffic builds and the heat becomes stifling, I love to ride my bike on the trails and around town. The scents are more powerful then before the wind disperses them. There’s the musty smell of the damp forest floor, the sweet scent of newly mown hay, the sharp odour of freshly cut wood – cedar I think – and the aroma of pine trees all filling the fresh morning air.

Everywhere I looked flowers were blooming, or nearly so. Every movement of my head brought a whiff of something new as I pedalled along.

Although late compared to others’ gardens, my marigolds are almost ready to bloom too!

Around town lots of things are happening. There are ball games for young and older children happening in the Princess Louise Park recreation area, while dog agility competitions are happening in the field beside them. From the tennis courts, I could hear the resounding “thwack” of rackets meeting balls.

Next door there were horses and cattle vying for my attention. A group of enthusiasts were enjoying a day of cattle penning in the outdoor Ronnie Wilkins Cattle Penning ring while in the Arena, Dressage New Brunswick was hosting a horse show.

At home, I joined the family in celebrating Harley’s seventh birthday. He’s a little grayer now, but he’s still the same loveable pup that joined us in 2015! Happy Birthday big guy!

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