Ah, the smell of salt water

Sometimes you just need a break to clear your head and emotions in order to deal with what is going on in life. There is no better way than to plant yourself on the shore of a salt water bay and just inhale, deeply.

Low Tide on the Bay of Fundy

We took an early morning drive to St. Martins and arrived at low tide. Fishing boats were moored to the docks and resting on the floor of the ocean. That early in the morning there weren’t a lot of tourists around, although there were some exploring the famous caves!

There was very little wind to disturb the lobster traps, buoys and fishing boats waiting to set out for work later on.

The beach was briefly devoid of visitors so I took advantage of the time to show just how extensive the low tide spaces really are.

I have friends with serious health issues going on at the moment; friends I wish I could help. I needed to take a mental break so I could be there for them if they need me – and I suspect they will. Breathe deeply and take in the scent of the ocean. Good morning, St. Martins (New Brunswick).

4 thoughts on “Ah, the smell of salt water

  1. Beautiful pictures CECI ❤


  2. You can capture the moment! I love the smell of the salt sea air, and the sound of seagulls! I only recently starting noticing how much you can hear the cry of the gulls harbourside here in Saint John.

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