Into everyone’s garden, a little rain must fall

Today is (finally) a little cooler and there’s a reasonably steady rain falling. You can almost hear the plants sighing with pleasure.

A few years ago I threw some seeds for black-eyed susans onto a corner of the garden. We’ve always had a few blossoms there, but this year the plant has gone berserk. There are many, many more flowers than ever before and it makes such a happy looking spot!

My marigolds, on the other hand, are dragging their little roots. They’ve only just begun to put out buds and so far only one has burst forth with any colour. Fingers crossed for the rest!

Other flowers are enjoying both the on-going sunshine and today’s rain, filling the deck planter with colour and light scent!

I planted both parsley and basil as well as cherry tomatoes. The herbs are doing well. The tomatoes? We’ll see. There are lots of them on the plant but they’re all still very green.

Parsley (no sage, rosemary or thyme though)

I am grateful for each small success given that I’m not known for my gardening prowess.

I can’t complain, though. At least I am feeding the wildlife!

I heard a flock of geese fly overhead this morning and saw a small family of them resting in the recently harvested hayfield across the road. They are the first real harbingers of autumn around here as they, and the ravenous hummingbirds, prepare for their migration south. Not yet, though. It’s too soon to leave summer behind, as much as I adore autumn.

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