Holiday Challenges

This year I borrowed a list of prompts entitled “Advent Photo-a-Day” challenge and set about capturing photos to illustrate each of the words on the list. The list included:

  • Hope
  • Room
  • Foundation
  • Change
  • Cultivate
  • Beginning
  • Path
  • Love
  • Stay
  • Brave
  • Invitation
  • Rooted
  • Silence
  • Play
  • Joy
  • Breathe
  • Dream
  • Choices
  • Bloom
  • Gratitude
  • Celebrate
  • Peace
  • Threshold
  • Solidarity
  • Gift
  • Year
  • Healing
  • Wonder

It was great fun and “set me to thinking” about other challenges people face at this time of year.

Just in my small circle of family and friends, it seems there have been far too many deaths – children, siblings, spouses and friends. Others are dealing with life-altering illnesses or injuries. Everyone is doing what they can to cope at a time of year when no one wants to see that side of things. TV ads, seasonal music, and shop decor all encourage us to only be joyful but for some, that is the most difficult thing in the world. For those who silently sob behind closed doors, don’t worry. The season is SUPPOSED to be about love and caring – so know that you ARE loved and cared about!

1 thought on “Holiday Challenges

  1. Beautiful pictures!!!!


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