Two days in the wilderness

Well, not completely…

My friend lives on the shore of a lake in cottage country. Hers is a year-round home and for more than half of the year she is surrounded by other families, cottagers and campers. We always enjoy each other’s company so it was fun to spend a couple of days together, away from the pre-Christmas chaos that runs rampant elsewhere.

The snow fell steadily yesterday.

The view from her living room windows, normally cheery in the summer and fall, was quite cold, dreary and dismal yesterday. Luckily, it was warm and cozy inside in front of her festive Christmas tree!

It’s good to spend time with friends just talking, relaxing and enjoying each other’s company. We ate (not too much), had a little wine, watched movies, played cards – and talked; oh how we talked.

One of Santa’s elves MAY have done a header into the Christmas tree! He’ll recover, I’m sure.

Wee Brady was happy to listen to the chatter and hope for a windfall of some little treat or other. I think she likes Christmas! New toys from Santa-Dog, right?

Merry Christmas all! Stay warm, dry and safe!

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