Keeping up…

I belong to a photo club that offers monthly themes for photos. In January the theme is “Mirror Mirror” so I spent some time this morning shooting various ways of demonstrating reflections.

Since January 6th was Epiphany or the last ‘official’ day of the Christmas holiday season, I decided to dig out my #Lensball and get a shot of my snow globe lamp before it was officially put away for the season until next Christmas.

I watched a YouTube video a few days ago about using black acrylic for photographing jewellery when you want to emphasize the highlights. Since I didn’t have any black acrylic at my disposal, I decided to use the shiny surface of my (turned off) iPhone and my wedding ring – lit by a hand held flashlight. I’m rather pleased with the result and the details visible in the reflection!

Then I grabbed a brooch that had been my mother’s pride an joy. It worked, but not quite as well.

From infancy onward, my parents felt my destiny was to be a musician. As a little girl, I had this cute little bracelet complete with a treble clef holding a small (fake) pearl. Close, but I think the wedding ring shot is the best of the lot. I enjoy these challenges as they do make you think to come up with different ideas!

It gives me something to do indoors while avoiding the dampness of winter as well. Everything was shot with a #Fujifilm #X-T5 and the #80mm f/2.8 macro lens – on a tripod. I wonder what I’ll come up with tomorrow?

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