Amusement is…

We’ve had several days (and more to come) of cold, windy and wet weather – unfit for (wo)man nor beast to spend any amount of time outside.

Something good has come of it, though. Our bird feeder and suet block have become the talk of the avian crowd. It provides great entertainment for me and our cat, Lucy, to watch the various birds arriving.

The woodpecker is one of the first to arrive. He (or she?) perches on a telephone pole and chips away at it before descending on the suet block.

We have at least two male cardinals and one female that arrive next, along with a flock of sparrows. They tend to forage on the ground for seeds dropped there by others.

Then a flock of what we call “feathered wolves” descend on the feeder, picking out all of the sunflower seeds and throwing anything in their way onto the ground.

Their incessant squawking lets others know they’re in charge – at least for a while.

Then the wee sparrows move in, cleaning up some of the smaller seeds. Later in the day the chickadees will arrive to get their share before everyone returns to wherever they roost for eh night.

Having this assortment of birds coming and going throughout the day is a source of endless amusement for all of us, especially Lucy. She sits on the windowsill and chatters madly, probably in frustration because she can’t get out to nab any of them. We find HER amusing too! Harley could care less – he just sleeps through the whole cacophony of chirps and chatters.

Thanks for the entertainment!

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