February – the longest short month of the year

It’s odd that the shortest month in the calendar seems to drag on and on and on – but it does. It’s usually cold – and this year it has been exceptionally so. The days are starting to lengthen, but not fast enough for those of us who crave light.

I belong to a group on Facebook that encourages its members to post a photo every day corresponding to a letter of the alphabet. It’s good fun to try and come up with ideas that symbolize each letter, and more and more so the closer you get to the end of the alphabet. How many ways can you express X, Y or Z?

Just for fun, here are the images I used. Take a peek. The remaining two days are devoted to two images we can select unrelated to the alphabet quest – one black and white image, one other one that we, the photographers, just enjoy.

2 thoughts on “February – the longest short month of the year

  1. Love the photos…specially the cup…lol very interesting subjects…


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