Another trip around the sun

I’m always astounded that so many friends with me well on my natal day (give or take). When I was a child I always wanted to have a skating party at Lily Lake and, although it’s March, I was never able to do that. The ice was never solid enough.

My hubby always makes a fuss for me – and I appreciate it! A beautiful (and sentimental) card accompanied by some gorgeous “Joyce” (pink) roses from #GooldsFlowers in Sussex.

Not only do I get to enjoy the look of the flowers, but the delicate scent permeates my wee office (where I keep them to prevent Lucy, the cat, from mowing down on them). Plus, I have subjects that sit still for me to play with various lenses and camera settings just for fun!

There is no end to the combinations I can find and the hunk of black velvet I bought last week makes a perfect backdrop for these gorgeous flowers.

Gratitude is taking great pleasure from everything that comes your way – and I do.

3 thoughts on “Another trip around the sun

  1. Beautiful flowers!! Enjoy the day!!!


  2. Congratulations. Beautiful images.


  3. Beautiful flowers for a beautiful person. Love Sue, Dave and Maggie Muggins


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