“Farch” – will herald the arrival of spring!

A friend of mine coined the phrase “Farch” to describe the two cold damp months that precede the anticipated arrival of spring (March 20th this year). It’s a tough time for many – days like today are gray, damp and cold. The temperature isn’t THAT bad (0-ish), but the wind, harsh almost freezing rain, and gray skies make it feel much colder.

I looked out the window (sadly no camera in hand) to see some kind of hawk devouring one of the chubby Bluejays that frequent our yard. The other 9 in the flock were long gone, while a lone crow screamed at the marauder.

As if the weather wasn’t depressing enough, that just completed the gloomy picture. So, what to do? Resort to grabbing my camera and taking more photos of my birthday flowers, of course.

A sunny yellow daisy is just the thing to uplift one’s spirits and bring a smile to the lips. The ‘ittsy bittsy spider” near the centre made me laugh out loud!

The juxtaposition of yellow, green, blue and purple makes for a happy composition. They compliment each other so very well.

And, a bud on the verge of opening holds the promise of more pleasure to follow.

If you don’t have any flowers in your house right now, go and get some. We all deserve to feel joy no matter what mischief Mother Nature may be up to!

Hang in there, spring IS coming in a mere 12 days! My Vesey’s Seed catalogue arrived in the mail yesterday. There is hope and pouring over the pages of brilliant blooms assuages my desire for colour and cheer for a while anyway.

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