The time changes tonight

Ah yes, the semi-annual chronological confusion strikes again. I, and most people today, loathe this shifting of the clocks forward (for spring) and backward (for fall). Animals are confused. People’s internal clocks are upset. Statistically, there are more road accidents and other crises following a time shift – and for what? I have yet to see any significant purpose to it in this day and age.

There are some provinces and countries that no longer succumb to the lunacy – and I envy their residents!

Our neighbourhood feathered friends will be similarly confused when their food isn’t delivered to them on what they perceive as their normal schedule.

Meanwhile, regardless of the time on the clock, time has passed for my birthday roses. “Joyce” flowers have given up the ghost and have been laid to rest in the bushes by the road where the birds can enjoy them or use them as nesting materials.

The other birthday flowers are hanging on for a bit longer.

I decided that today was a good day to play with learning how to create a fanciful composite of various photos – all of the foregoing plus these:

The end result? A “Forest Fantasy”.

It’s a beautiful day today, the temperature is above zero and the sun is flexing her muscles giving us some warmth and melting the snow as winter, grudgingly crawls to its inevitable end. See ya!

5 thoughts on “The time changes tonight

  1. Beautiful photos, thank you for sharing! Neither am I a fan of the changing of time zones. It would be much better to stay on the same time year round.


  2. Beautiful pictures Ceci… you are getting better and better with your photos…don’t get me wrong, they were always beautiful, but you are exploring different things and that is amazing!


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