We have sun, we have greenery, but it’s still cold!

So many tales to tell today, but where to start? First things first – it’s Mother’s Day. Some of us are lucky enough to have had more than one mother – the one that gave us life, the one that raised us and prepared us for the rest of life. Then there are the aunts, the grandmothers, the elderly neighbours, the godmothers, and the friends of our mothers – all of whom took turns mothering us. To all of those ladies, in my case now all sadly departed, I send my thanks and best memories today, and throughout the year.

We’ve all been waiting for spring (and warmer temperatures) to really arrive. The sun is out and the shrubbery that provides a living privacy screen for our yard and deck has leafed out and filled in.

The lawn is green, the dandelions abound, the bees are happy, and the robins are bobbin!

Two years ago, I bought some yellow tulips (one of my favourite flowers). They lived in a vase on my table for a while and after they wilted away, I tossed their remains out into the shrubbery to go back to the earth from which they came. My understanding is that to actually GROW tulips you need to plant bulbs. Imagine my surprise when two years in a row a single tulip emerged from the winter’s detritus to blossom briefly in the spring.

The lilacs are ALMOST ready to bloom, and the resilient wigelia sprig is a testament to determination, creeping up through a crack in the pavement having spread beneath the ground from the mother plant around the corner.

To celebrate the day, I bundled up, grabbed my #RADRover and headed out on a 12+km bike ride through our local nature trail. I have to say, with even a light NW wind, it was cold. My eyes were streaming most of the way and I was most grateful for layers of sweaters and warm mittens, yes MITTENS in mid-May, to keep my hands relatively warm.

Aside from the chill in the air, it’s a wonderful day to be out and about!

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