Feels more like spring today!

Finally, the sun is shining and the temperature is above 10ºC, although the north wind has a bite to it.

Despite that, in the past week the buds on the trees have begun to open up and there’s a hint of green everywhere.

Some are further along than others – they’re usually the weeds!

Hayfields are beginning to look green instead of dull brown, and “the” tree in Penobsquis has leaves beginning to unfurl.

This little guy was boldly running around Sullivan Park in Sussex Corner hoping to pick up a treat or two from the children playing there.

All around our yard the bushes and plants are getting ready to put on a show, and the dandelions are thinking about making an appearance too. Getting outside and feeling the sun on your face, the wind ruffling your hair and inhaling the scents emanating from the soil and burgeoning plants is good for your physical and mental health. Enjoy! It’s a hopeful time of year!

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