Two weeks on the west coast

I just spent the last two weeks on the west coast of Canada, in the Vancouver area, visiting my son and his family. Mother Nature smiled on us and we had phenomenal weather throughout my visit.

Purple flower

In the years since the family moved into their home in North Vancouver, David’s been busy cultivating a backyard oasis, sheltered from the sounds of the city.

The assortment of flower beds, trailing wisteria, colourful poppies and hidden gnomes makes for a lovely spot for relaxing in the family hammock and cloud watching.

Inside the kids have a haven for playing with their two pet rats – Blue & Berry.

I spent one day wandering around Granville Island with friends Ian and Elizabeth. We explored the markets, the vendors, the music, the park areas, families of geese, one determined turtle and the house boats with their colourful mail boxes clustered on the harbour.

Another outing saw us exploring Grouse Mountain on the north shore. For a person terrified of heights, the ride up (and back down) to the peak via a swinging gondola was nerve wracking to say the least. We explored the grizzly bear exhibit, the lumber jack demonstrations and, of course, the restaurants.

Father and daughter demolished the old swing set (and play house) that had graced the back yard for some time. The wood was rotten and it was no longer safe. Then David built a new unit with meticulous planning, cutting, planing, staining the wood and then assembling the lovely cedar frame. The whole family pitched in to erect it in its place of honour.

Concentration is…

Happy bees playing among the rosemary plants.

Another day I went on an outing with Marilyn to the Southland’s Nursery. She picked up a collection of plants for her decorative baskets and I scored two shrubs for David’s front yard. On another day Marilyn showed me her lovely rose garden now in full bloom. I’m waiting for mine to perk up now that the temperature has finally risen somewhat.

The west coast is truly beautiful but I was more than happy to return home to the Maritimes where the pace of life is slower and life is a bit less hectic. It was two weeks well spent.

7 thoughts on “Two weeks on the west coast

  1. Too bad that whatever I do I can’t log in or register name or password and won’t even let me register a new password. Some very nice pictures in this collection. Family is sure growing up.

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    1. Thanks. It is beautiful there but the trip out and back is long and arduous.


  2. Beautiful captures.


  3. Beautiful sights captured Ceci! Looks like a wondrous trip visiting your capable son and his family. Glad you had a wonderful trip!


  4. So nice to see the beauty of the west coast. Glad you were able to visit with family. Yes, long trip but worth it in the end. Thanks for all the beautiful pics. It was a lovely Sunday present to see them. Hugs


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