Some good changes

While many are bemoaning the restrictions imposed upon us thanks to a world-wide pandemic, I choose to look for the changes that make me smile when I see them or think of them. There are many, actually.

For example, last year by bestie, Alison, got a new pup – Miss Brady. She met Harley and they became good friends too. Although they haven’t seen each other for a while, each of them is keeping their people happy by snuggling and making sure we get outside for fresh air and some exercise.

Alison & Brady bundled up on the pontoon boat last October! Beautiful day on the lake!

Technology is keeping us both sane and crazy. If you take everything you read, see or hear to heart it can be overwhelming. But, at the same time it keeps us in touch with each other – family members scattered around the globe, friends – both near and far away – and even neighbours and acquaintances. Those interactions – whether by text, email, telephone or message – help ground us and remind us what is truly important in our lives.

Interestingly enough I have had more telephone calls from friends and some family members in the last month than I would normally get in a year! When seeing texts isn’t enough, and you can’t get together ‘for real’, hearing someone’s voice and having a real conversation warms my heart.

Rosebuds are forming on what’s left of my bushes after the winter. Trees and bushes around the yard are beginning to show signs of life in anticipation of warmer weather.

Despite the current conditions and those pesky restrictions (for our own well being!) it’s still possible to get outside, take a walk, feel the sun on your face, breathe the cool, fresh air and appreciate what we have. In addition to more telephone calls and conversations, I’ve also enjoyed longer exchanges with friends on Facebook, I’ve read more books, I’ve cleaned more things more frequently, and I’ve spent more time with Joel and Harley. In other words, I have no real complaints.

I wish all of you good health and safety. Keep your distance. Wash often. Be careful and we’ll all get together again soon!

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