You never know, they’re everywhere

Huh? What is everywhere? Customers, of course. I always link my posts to my Facebook business page and my personal page. When time permits I like to share some of my photos – just for fun. A couple of weeks ago a friend/customer noticed one of my dandelion images and requested a good sized print so she could frame it and hang it on her wall. I was, of course, HAPPY to accommodate her. She dropped by yesterday to pick up her photo and drop off payment as well as an extra ‘gift’. That single photo earned me some…

Oooh – banana chocolate chip muffins. Needless to say, they didn’t last long but they were delicious. Thanks Kristine!

This macro shot of a cheery little dandelion is the one that caught her eye.

Another friend saw a shot I did for a course I was taking a few years ago – and she’s just deciding now how big a poster she wants for her new kitchen and with or without text. Who’d a thought?

So, if you’re a photographer and posting photos – in your blog or on Facebook or other social media, show your best work. You never know who’s looking!

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