’tis the season for sneezin’

The older I get (no snide remarks please) the more I notice things – like seasonal sneezing and runny eyes. It’s not my imagination. According to the weather folks, right now we’re in the midst of a very heavy pollen bloom. I believe it.

The trees along the edge of our lot are full of blossoms spewing out their sneeze-inducing pollen, as are plants everywhere at this time of year. I recently took up walking for exercise – to rebuild strength and stamina after last winter’s illness-induced lack of activity. This morning, by the time I’d finished my 2.5km journey at a brisk pace that saw me complete it in 17 minutes (thanks #ABBA soundtrack!), my nose and eyes were running like crazy! And the sneezing doesn’t stop. But, it’s a small price to pay for the opportunity to enjoy Mother Nature on a daily basis.

The fields near our home have been fertilized, tilled and harrowed in preparation for planting. I assume the farmer wants to get the seeds into the warming soil before the forecasted rain arrives in a few days. The province is tinder dry at the moment and there is an outdoor fire ban. There are two out-of-control forest fires burning in the Miramichi area so needless to say, firefighters are hoping for a deluge to offer relief.

A few years ago my cousin (#JudyHutton) gave me what was then barely a twig to plant. It is now growing up to become a beautiful shrub that will display crimson leaves in the fall.

Meanwhile, my hostas and other annuals are stretching up and filling in their bed. I’m not much of a gardener (more like the Kevorkian of the houseplant world) but I enjoy watching the few hardy plants I have coming back each year. Advice given to me by #SunNurseries here in Sussex has paid off – the plants have survived in spite of me!

The only annuals I deal with are in hanging baskets on the deck. They offer some cheery colour, especially before the in-ground plants are ready to show off for the summer season.

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