No Mow May?

There have been innumerable posts on social media begging people not to spray chemicals on their lawns and to let dandelions grow to provide food for emerging bees. To be honest, although we never use poisonous sprays (who needs a golf green lawn anyway?), we do normally mow sooner than this.

But this year? I drove downtown two days ago for the first time in WEEKS and on my way there I passed lawn after lawn after lawn all sporting dancing dandelions in the breeze. It made me smile and feel joy and gratitude toward those who want to see our planet continue to do well.

These happy little yellow flowers do so much. They provide food for bees and birds. They wave happily when you walk by. Some people even eat them.

And even as their little heads turn to seed, there’s beauty in simplicity and symmetry.

And then the story ends as their seeds float away to start another crop of life sustaining dandelions.

Meanwhile, other plants begin to share their glory – beautiful lilacs are bursting forth, their scent wafting throughout the neighbourhood. Summer is just a few short weeks away.

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