A walk on the wild side

It’s early November but Mother Nature has thrown us a curve ball for a few days – warmer temperatures in the low to mid teens. I put my bike up for the winter last week so decided that today would be a good day for a walk on the Nature Trails. Before leaving home, however, I had to make sure the bird feeders were filled or suffer the wrath of starving (and very fat!) bluejays and chickadees.

When I left the parking lot for the trail there wasn’t another car in sight. On these late fall mornings I guess people are waiting to see what the weather will bring before heading out. For me, it was perfect. I was alone in the peaceful world of the woods, away from traffic and most of the sounds of civilisation.

Someone had left their Hallowe’en pumpkins beside the trail with a friendly greeting from a child. I’m sure the deer and other wildlife who make their homes in the woods near the trail and the creek will enjoy the treat.

The trail is well maintained making it easy to walk on or bike along. It isn’t plowed in the winter, though, so snowshoes or cross country skis might be needed later in the season.

If the sawdust around the base of this felled tree is anything to go by, beavers have been at work!

Unlike a few weeks ago when Trout Creek had almost dried up to a mere trickle, the water was flowing freely today, filling the gully from bank to bank.

Another donation, this time conveniently cut in half to make it easier to access the pumpkin meat and seeds inside, was left in the trees. The chickadees were squabbling over it when I stopped by.

As you walk along if you slow down and look to the sides, it’s easy to see trails beaten down by regular travellers from the woods to the creek and back – probably deer.

As I was returning to the parking lot I saw two couples out for a morning stroll as well. We do appreciate those trails!

The early morning November sky looks deceptively cold and ominous. In fact, it was a relatively warm morning!

Someone built a tree stand overlooking Trout Creek from the trail side. I sincerely hope they aren’t using it for hunting! Those of us who use the trails enjoy the wildlife that frequent the area.

The last vestiges of autumn clinging to a branch. It was a beautiful morning for a walk on the wild side.

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