Summer is fleeting – enjoy it!

Although summer only began two weeks ago (officially) it feels like it’s flying by. Don’t waste it – winters are long so if you can, get outside and enjoy the warmth and sunshine, even the summer showers, while they last.

Flowers are blooming, like this brilliant begonia, bringing colour and joy to everyone who sees it.

Bright little petunia flowers with their yellow stamens, stand out from the crowd.

Out in the garden, the hostas are flowering, their purple heads soon to burst forth.

Bushes are heavy with berries that, next month, will be bright red attracting and feeding migrating birds – another sign of our far-too-short summer season.

The first bloom of the white roses has passed and in its wake there is an abundance of rosehips – another source of nourishment for birds in the fall and winter. There will be more roses before then, however. There are buds on the bushes that haven’t bloomed yet.

Summer is a special season, a time to relax, feel the sun on your face and the gentle breezes in your hair.

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