Lingering Leaves

It started to rain today. Nothing wild or vile, but enough to knock a lot of leaves off the trees. More rain and stronger winds are predicted for tomorrow, so I decided to head out and capture some more images of the lingering leaves and amazing fall colours Mother Nature has treated us to this year.

Sullivan Park, Sussex Corner, NB

There’s a group of trees in the park at the bottom of our road that always delight with their intense colours. After stopping to grab a couple of shots, I headed out of town toward the Washademoak Lake to visit some friends.

Everywhere I looked the hills were literally alive with colour – glorious reds, brilliant yellows and oranges, accented with greens.

From small shrubs to humungous trees, everything was showing off despite the overcast sky.

Up by the lake, one of the final flocks of geese were taking a break in a field, no doubt stocking up for their migration.

The lake itself was ringed with gorgeous hues. The last of the lingering leaves strutting their stuff for us to enjoy for a while longer.

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