Anyone who writes – whether for pleasure or profit – hits the wall once in a while. What to write about? What will my followers want to read? Should I be doing something else with my time?

@Wordpress is my website host and a challenge was offered for the month of January, 2022 – daily writing prompts from which participants can spin their tales. So, I signed up.

Today is Day 1 of the challenge!

And the topic is:

Like most ‘mature’ folk reflecting on a probably misspent youth, the list of things we wish we’d done differently is long. But in reality – they weren’t awful things. No one died as a result of my actions. No crimes were committed (that I can remember, thank goodness). But there were periods of great angst that all teens go through.

I was born (or, as I thought as a teenager, cursed) with very curly hair. I spent most of my teen years and a great deal of my adult years fighting with it. I straightened it. I coloured it. I grew it long and then cut it short. I did everything most teens do to try and conform to whatever the norm is at the time – and in the 60s that was long, flowing, STRAIGHT locks. My hair, on the other hand, when it got long became a sizeable bush.

I strove to ‘fit in’ with the trends of the day but felt that tall girls (I reached my maximum height of 5’9″ at the age of 12) with masses of curly hair and glasses just didn’t cut it. I played the violin. My self-confidence was virtually nil.

In hindsight I really was a nice looking girl. I just didn’t know it. My advice to my younger self is simple – take it one day at a time, relax and believe in yourself! Being confident will save you a lot of grief in the future!

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