‘They’ say “laughter is the best medicine”

If that is true, then the past two-plus years of dealing with a pandemic have tested that theory for sure.

Laughing is such a relief – especially the gut-shaking, out loud type of laughter shared with good friends.

What makes people laugh? Loads of things. Absurdity! An hilarious joke. Pratfalls. Animal antics.

Three months ago we added a new family member – Lucy the Calico Cat. She’s young, lithe and came from the #SOS (Save our Strays) cat rescue in our home town. After a few weeks’ adjustment, she has fit right in – chasing, and being chased by, Harley (our 6-year-old Standard Poodle), playing fetch with a light plastic ball, and generally entertaining all of us with her antics.

Whatever makes you smile or laugh, enjoy those moments. Don’t worry if someone things you’re silly – just sit back and let ‘er rip!

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