One month of winter left – technically

Spring is coming soon. Today we’re getting a respite from the bitter cold, nasty winds, torrential rains and generally despicable weather we’ve experienced in the last few weeks. The temperature is above zero (Celsius) and the sun is peeking out through the clouds periodically.

from the Roachville Road, NB

I needed gas (oh my wallet!), so once I filled my tank, I took a short drive around the Sussex, NB area. The river is still over its banks in some areas coating fields with sheets of now-melting ice and water.

Despite the gray skies, it felt good to be out and about, however briefly, to enjoy a pleasant day away from so-called social media for a while and depressing political tirades.

Sullivan Park, Sussex Corner, NB

At a local park a few hardy golden leaves clung to tree branches, unwilling to surrender to the harsh winter weather.

Looking Skyward

No buds are visible yet, but hopefully even the trees know there MAY be a touch of spring to come in the air.

Picnic tables and benches were just visible above the melting snow.

And one lone corvid called out to me as I passed by.

It was a short jaunt, but a refreshing one.

1 thought on “One month of winter left – technically

  1. Though I love winters, but I think spring also holds something special in my life. It makes my heart sing.


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