Is Spring around the corner?

The calendar says yes. The dark gray sky outside my window makes it questionable although, for us, the local forecast says a deluge of rain is on its way, not snow. That’s a good sign.

Hayfield in Picadilly, NB

Down the road, most of the snow and ice has melted away from the huge hayfields, although much still remains within the shaded forests. At night I can hear the coyotes howling during their hunting and mating rituals – much more noticeable at this time of year when there are no leaves on the trees to muffle the sound.

Tree in Field, Picadilly, NB

It’s a gray season until green shoots poke up through the winter’s detritus and buds burst forth on tree and shrub branches. But when the sun shines it has strength and warmth – a foretaste of a better season on the horizon.

Deer snacking in a field in Collina, NB

Herds of deer have been seen on roadsides and in farmers’ fields as the snow vanishes and there’s something worth foraging upon. Does are pregnant now and due to give birth soon to sweet spotted fawns who’s gambling around provides endless amusement for those who slow down and watch.

Herd of deer in field, Newtown, NB

Closer to home, birds are still flocking to the feeders in our yard and perching on the trees and telephone poles nearby.

Woodpecker, Picadilly, NB

Yes, I’d say spring IS around the corner – once we get through the next couple of weeks and the annual St. Patrick’s Day storm – that I think might be a bit early and arriving today, according to the Weather Network.

As the daylight lengthens, the switch to Daylight Savings Time happens tomorrow, and the sunshine gains strength, we’ll be able to get out and enjoy our surroundings a bit more. Winter will yield to spring. Time in nature heals.

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  1. Lovely images!


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