It’s Christmas Day!

They say that if a cardinal pays a call it’s bringing greetings from someone we’ve loved that’s died. Perhaps it’s true – or not – but they definitely bring joy to the eye of the beholder! I’ve seen them in the bushes by our house for the past three days but their Christmas gift for me was to stay put long enough for me to capture a few photos – thank you so much! My smile stretches from ear to ear right now!

There’s a pair but the female (top left) has more muted colours and is harder to spot among the branches.

Of course we have our regular visitors too. The Blue Jays are loud and boisterous, but their antics never fail to amuse!

They’ll squawk and squabble over position on the feeder or the railing, although some are polite enough to sit back and wait, at least a little while, for their turn.

We also have some sparrow-type birds and chickadees who drop in. All together, these various birds make us smile, sigh and feel at peace. Isn’t that what the Christmas / Holiday season is all about, regardless of your religious affiliations (or lack thereof)?

Merry Christmas / Happy Holidays to you and all those you care about!

May you experience peace and joy, relaxation and the love of those who care for you!

1 thought on “It’s Christmas Day!

  1. Beautiful bird pictures Ceci!!!

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