The morning after

For the last 36 hours, we’ve been subjected to our first real winter storm of the season. Something in excess of 30cm of snow fell.

This hungry wee fellow decided he should clean up seeds left behind by the sloppy Blue Jays who’d been lounging on our bird feeder.

I took a drive through the hills of Picadilly where, at first, the sun was shining and the wind was light making stopping to capture images a pleasure.

The further I went the darker the sky became and the stronger the wind blew.

It was a long and winding road over hill and dale, punctuated with a thin strip of sand laid down by the passing snow plow. Later this week we are expecting warmer temperatures and rain that will, no doubt, turn this idyllic scene into a treacherous skating rink.

Even though farmers’ fields are blanketed in snow, their work is never done. There are still herds of livestock to feed and clean up after and equipment to maintain and get ready for spring ploughing and planting.

Paths to high pastures have been obliterated by the snowfall and trees are bent under the weight.

Many are encapsulated with ice.

Today is windy, cloudy and cold. The air is hushed as the fields are blanketed in white, with not a footprint to be seen.

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