It’s a “snain” day

Yesterday we had snow. Last night we had more snow. Today? “SNAIN” – a wicked combo of freezing rain / snow / regular rain. Essentially the world is a mess out there further complicated by a wild wind that has some even wilder gusts. It’s a good day to turn the fireplace on, make a pot of coffee or tea and grab a book. I spent the morning doing domestic “chores” but I’m done now.

I’m on a binge of cleaning cupboards and drawers in my kitchen. I’m only doing a couple a day but so far I’ve emptied, scrubbed out and re-arranged all of the upper cupboards and three drawers. A large box of no longer used dishwater has been donated to the local Sharing Club for someone else to enjoy.

Three loads of laundry have been done and put away so that’s it. I am done like dinner for the day.

One ‘chore’ I really enjoyed was hanging up my latest photo print – “Simple Things”. I had it printed on photo board at 2′ high x 3′ wide. For some reason I love that image and its light – it’s just a weed by the side of the path – but it has a simple beauty to it.

Next to it is an image I had printed on canvas at 16″ x 20″. “Working Man” was one of the over 5000 images I took while touring through ranches in the state of Bahia in NE Brazil a few years ago. The texture of the wall, the man’s clothing and the road leant themselves to a textured finish.

If one is going to give wall space to art it should be large enough to enjoy, don’t you think? Little 8×10 prints, that many people refer to as “enlargements” just disappear on a wall. If it’s good enough to hang, it’s good enough to be big and make a statement.

Our town has an annual Hot Air Balloon Fiesta every September. I had this image, “Up Up and Away” printed on metal, also at 2′ x 3′, and hung it in my bedroom. It’s nice to wake up to in the morning.

If you have photos you love or are going out to buy art for your home – go big!

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