A winter Sunday morning

I’m not a winter person. Cold weather and outdoor endeavours don’t truly appeal to me, especially if it means chilled arthritic fingers and toes.

So, instead of trekking down the road, I decided to spend my time in the warm kitchen. First? Breakfast. It’s been eons since I’ve had “eggs benny” and even longer since I’ve made it myself. One of my (many) nieces sells #Epicure products so I decided to try their Hollandaise sauce. It is terrific.

I rounded up my egg poaching pan (yes, I cheat and use the little cup thingies – I’ve never mastered doing it in simmering water) and a pot for the sauce.

First, I got the sauce going. Melted a 1/2 cup of butter and started whisking in the mix.

As it began to smooth out, I got ready to add the remaining ingredient – one cup of H2O,

With that underway, it was time to get the eggs cooking.

SO much tidier.

With the eggs poaching happily, and the toast in the toaster, I focussed on keeping the sauce simmering gently so it would remain smooth. It lived up to the claims on the package in terms of texture, appearance and ultimately, taste.

The end result wasn’t a truly traditional “eggs benny” as I didn’t have any English Muffins in the house, nor did I have any ham or smoked salmon to dress it up. Instead, we had poached eggs on toast with Hollandaise sauce. It was delicious!

I’m not a food photographer, but I decided I should document my morning’s efforts. Next project?

Wild guess? Lemon bread, of course. It’s a household favourite.

While it was baking for an hour, I tackled cleaning up the mess I’d created (so far) and got a load of baked beans ready to cook as well

It was worth it! Delicious lemon bread for a treat and three meals worth of baked beans. I’m done for the day, now, and sitting down with a cup of tea and a slice of heaven – er – lemon bread! Enjoy YOUR Sunday everyone.

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