There’s strength in the sun

As winter draws (hopefully) to an end, today I felt the strength in the sun’s rays. Just turning my face up to the sky was rejuvenating while I was out and about looking for something to photograph.

As so often happens, I was drawn to “my” tree in Penobsquis.

There was a light, but cool, breeze blowing and the clouds moved by quickly while the ginormous lone tree stood vigil over the fields below.

Back home, fortified by strong coffee, I played with a few props in order to photograph a lovely set of jewellery I was given for my birthday. A delicate gold necklace, stud earrings and a dainty bracelet each adorned with gold and white four-leaf clovers. It definitely enhances anything I wear! Thanks, Sandy!

Nothing like a lazy Sunday afternoon!

3 thoughts on “There’s strength in the sun

  1. Enjoy the sunshine. Winter is not finished where I live and it has been snowing for quite some time. We have much snow on the ground. I hope it will be gone in May!


    1. There’s a blizzard heading our way mid week.

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      1. May you stay safe and warm when the blizzard hits.


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