The first full day of spring, 2023

It’s official. Spring arrived here in the “Merry Times” at suppertime last night. This morning the sun rose and with it the temperature increased as well. I sat on the porch at a local coffee emporium, the Picadilly Coffee Roasters #PicadillyCoffeeRoasters, and revelled in the strength and warmth of that sunlight while enjoying one of their brews and conversation with a friend.

I’m ready for those April showers that will bring May flowers. Found my favourite rubber boots and my #ZachsDesigns umbrella, so I’m good to go.

The last of my birthday flowers are gone now after a valiant effort to provide colour and light to the last days of winter. Even in their demise, they offered brightness to their surroundings.

Spring is a season of transience. Temperatures fluctuate from seemingly unbearable cold and damp to seasonable warmth enhanced by strong sunlight. The days are noticeably longer and people’s moods seem to be improving as well. Still, Mother Nature can throw a wrench into the works with late season snowfalls, squalls and other forms of nasty inclement weather.

Still, each morning, there is hope! This morning, on my way to the coffee shop, I saw deer grazing and a flock of geese foraging in the field across the road – my harbingers of spring for sure! Sadly, I didn’t have a camera with me, but it was a joy to behold!

Welcome to a new season!

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