Sure, it’s spring

According to the calendar, it’s been spring for a few days now. There is strength in the sun and it is melting the snow, although packed ice in the snowbanks may take a while to disappear.

I have heard flocks of geese honking as they’ve flown overhead on their return north from the warmer climates ‘down south’. Up here, north of the 49th parallel in Maritime Canada, spring is a tad elusive. I went in search of our feathered friends this morning and managed to find a small flock in a cornfield in Roachville.

The snacks are a bit thin right now but I’m sure they’ll find enough sustenance to help them get ready for nesting season. Snow is predicted for tomorrow, so I hope they guzzle up what they can today and hunker down under shelter for the night and tomorrow.

Spring is in the air, although today’s biting N/NW wind belies that statement. After my short foray outside, I was thoroughly chilled!

5 thoughts on “Sure, it’s spring

  1. Wonderful images but it looks cold! 😁

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  2. Living at the 65th parallel close to the Arctic Circle, in Alaska, I understand the lingering of winter. It is my hope the snow will melt by the first part of May. The light has increased so that is a real plus. Looking forward to the Midnight Sun and our beautiful short summer.


    1. I could handle the midnight sun. Not sure I could deal with the lengthy dark period.

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      1. As long as you keep busy, it is not too bad. A vacation somewhere warm and sunny also helps.


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