It’s spring…winter can leave now, please

We were among the lucky ones yesterday. I woke up to this scene this morning, but many other communities got much more snow, so we can’t really complain. In fact, winter this year has been short.

It started late but when it did, it hit with a bang. We had horrid temperatures in the low -30s and even as cold as -40ºC (or -40ºF – same thing!) with brutal north winds. Although we haven’t received the quantity of snow we have seen in many other years, it feels as though winter has lasted too long. It’s time to put the feeders away so the birds can forage for their food on soft ground – if it thaws soon.

These fellows want to see it leave too, although I know they appreciate being able to sit on the railing of our deck, under the covered pergola, where they are somewhat protected from the elements while they enjoy their snacks.

I recently bought a new #Fujifilm X-T5 from #Ivan’s Camera shop in Moncton. For the last few weeks, I’ve been exploring various lens combinations plus the many new features of this camera model. One of them is its ability to identify and track various subjects – like cars, animals, motorcycles and, importantly for me right now, birds. I hadn’t really played with that setting much but decided today is the day. I have to say, I’m delighted with the results. Once I pointed it at the Blue Jay it locked on and tracked him (or her?). The results are remarkably crisp and clear and I couldn’t be more pleased.

These fellows don’t seem to mind posing for me in the least, as long as there is seed in the feeder.

Meanwhile, the deck furniture remains in the shed waiting to come out when the temperatures improve and sitting outside doesn’t involve wearing enough clothes for an arctic expedition. I can hardly wait!

1 thought on “It’s spring…winter can leave now, please

  1. I love your posts Ceci. Gorgeous!

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