The end is in sight!

There are two and a half days left in March and I, for one, will not be sad to say goodbye.

Despite a gloomy forecast, today turned out to be a pleasant day, slightly above 0ºC, minimal wind and, thank the gawds above, sunshine!

I grabbed my camera and one wide-angle (14mm f/2.8) lens and hit the road to experiment. It’s a lens that is fun to play with and one I’ve ignored for far too long. The implements outside the Agricultural Museum in Sussex provided some fun subjects to play with!

It’s challenging to find a new perspective and explore the ways in which the lens changes the way we see things. It’s excellent for allowing for the juxtaposition of old versus new!

I was torn between the colour and black and white rendering of each image – some lending themselves to one direction or the other!

I made a stop by the covered bridge in Smiths Creek that stands in front of the wee farm we once owned. Focusing on the rose hips allowed me to include a different angle on the battered old bridge.

It was a sweet farm. My husband and I were married on the verandah overlooking the pond while my horse, Beau, watched from the pasture beside the house.

On my way home from my “wide angle wander” I saw a huge buck (distant right) and his mate (centre)grazing in our neighbour’s field. If you click on the photo and enlarge it, you can actually see them. Wide angle lenses don’t lend themselves to depicting distant subjects all that well but you make do with what’s on the front of your camera, right?

Home again. Most of the snow has melted away under the strength of today’s sunshine. At this time of year we all know that it won’t last even if more does fall occasionally. As one friend said, it’s the “poor man’s fertilizer”.

That’s the end of today’s “wide angle wander”.

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  1. Beautiful images.

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