April has arrived – Mother Nature fooled us

This was the view from my living room yesterday morning, April 1st. I failed to see the humour in Mother Nature’s April Fool’s joke. We ar sick of all things winter and it’s time for warmth and sunshine. Sooner, not later!

I want to see that thermometer on the plus side – all day!

So, to pass the time while shivering in my boots, I whipped out my macro lens and started experimenting. It was fun!

A yellow tea towel draped over the edge of the kitchen sink. A shot glass propped up on a bowl. And, running water bouncing back up out of the glass. A flash at 1/64 camera left and voilà!

Liquid jewels!

Plan “c” was the pattern on the side of a mason jar. And I wrapped it up with a backlit stained glass balloon!

Photography should be fun, regardless of the location, reason or season. Playing with macro gear takes it to a whole other level.

1 thought on “April has arrived – Mother Nature fooled us

  1. I totally love these photos you did here… ❤


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