Strong sun – wicked wind

This morning I decided to take my camera for a stroll along Trout Creek in downtown Sussex. Although there was significant strength in the spring sun, the N/NW wind was both strong and bitingly cold.

It’s still too early to find any leaves on the trees, but moss is evident where the water had once been higher.

There is hope, though, as the buds on the branches are swollen and ALMOST ready to burst forth.

Several branches were sporting multiple buds. If the temperatures stay as high (8-10ºC+) as predicted for the next week or so, perhaps the leaves will have a chance to unfurl.

Mother Nature can be quite the artiste in the way she displays even the simplest of weeds as a complete work of refined art holding strong against the wind.

Meanwhile, man’s detritus of plowed sand and snowbanks marks the edge of a parking lot and a tangible sign that spring hasn’t fully arrived to melt the mess away.

But, soon….

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