Springtime Shenanigans

What an amazing day today! The sun is shining. The snow is melting away. The geese are flocking back!

And with this sunshine, comes some decent warmth.

Out in the yard, the ‘summer’ birds are returning, including a different type of sparrow and, hurray, the Robins are here too!

Trees are beginning to develop their buds and even the flies are out and about, soaking up the rays.

Fresh green shoots of grass are beginning to push through last fall’s detritus and soon even the flowers will bake their heads up.

I was in one of our local coffee shops (#Cobbler’sLane) the other day and saw this sign – it seemed appropriate.

Today one of my cousins came to visit and we had a lovely time together, including playing with one of #Zack’s delightful umbrellas that just HAPPENED to colour-coordinate with Bluette’s coat! (OK, that part might have been planned).

Our visit included a nice lunch at #Knock’sCafé and lots of talk and laughter!

It’s almost time to bring out the deck furniture and start enjoying the great outdoors again!

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