More large days – and geese!

Spring seems to have sprung. Flocks of geese have returned, many stopping locally to nest and hatch their goslings before heading elsewhere for the summer.

When I was out walking the other day, I wasn’t sure if this lady and her mate were nesting or just resting – but I suspect the former.

One of the neighbour’s horses slipped out of the fence and strolled through the awakening hayfield, looking for nummies, before being captured and returned to his paddock. “Fred” and “Ethel”, the geese, didn’t seem perturbed.

Everyone was out enjoying the warmth and sunshine. Although our winter didn’t really start until after Christmas (climate change by at least a month), and it’s wrapping up now, it seemed to go on, and on, and on. I, for one, like the horse and the geese, am happy to see it’s back end!

I expect our neighbouring farmers will be out soon harrowing, fertilizing and seeding their hay and corn fields. Hopefully “Fred” and “Ethel’s” brood will be hatched and gone before that happens.

And, in our back yard, remnants of a hawk’s attack on our blue jay population remain stuck to the budding branches.

The hawk had a feast and the remaining blue jays moved on for the season.

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