A cool spring day

With the temperature hovering in the low single digits Celsius (low 40sF), I decided it would be a good day to experiment with my flash gear. I recently acquired a Godox Pro II flash trigger and a Godox AD100 flash (both from #Strobepro in Calgary). Time to learn to use them.

I just set up in the kitchen with the light on a stand with a small diffuser. It’s interesting to see where the highlights fall and the shadows. Despite watching numerous “how to” videos, you can really only learn your own gear by actually DOING something with it. So…

Subtle changes in flash power and camera angle make quite a difference.

Then, changing the background and increasing the F/stop with a little editing in #On1 2023 makes quite a difference.

Similar settings, different subject. I think I need a larger diffuser to soften the flat, despite reducing its power, to dampen the obvious highlight.

And then there are the editing experiments. Filters make a difference.

Then, there’s #MonochromeMadness. Might just be my favourite of this set.

I definitely need to dig my bigger light stand and umbrella, soft box etc. out of the storage closet. Then, I need to secure a good model who will let me experiment with facial lighting. Still, it’s entertaining on a cool, cloudy and potentially rainy day.

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