Orchards and Vineyards

First road trip this year.

Friday afternoon I drove to Windsor, NS.

Crossing the Tantramar Marsh from New Brunswick to Nova Scotia, the first thing you see is a huge field full of windmills turning slowly in the light wind that was blowing – just enough to make me shiver!

I spent Saturday exploring the back roads of the Annapolis Valley.

First I made a stop in Grand Pré at the historical site. The adjacent dykes and marshland tell a fascinating story. They speak to strength, determination and the perseverance of the original settlers that is still evident today.

From there I decided to head up the “Old Post Road” where there’s a spot you can stop and take in the entire grand vista with Mount Blomidon in the background.

From there I took a tour through the Town of Wolfville. It is home to Acadia University where I did my freshman and sophomore years before moving on to Dalhousie U. in Halifax. The campus and the town have grown exponentially, but many of the original buildings and residences are still there.

When I was there, this building (Sem House) was a residence and also housed the Music department. My first residence, Fraser House, was demolished a long time ago and that entire block of town now holds the Harriet Irving Botanical Gardens.

Chase Court, my sophomore residence, used to be the last building at the top of the hill – a title that was relinquished ages ago as more streets and buildings have been erected.

Next I passed through Port Williams and Canning and made my way up to the infamous “Look Off” where you can see from the Bay all the way down the Valley and all of the neatly laid out farms along the way.

Everything is budding out, even small bushes on the edge of the (unguarded) cliff at the Look Out.

There is so much more to see when you get off the (very boring) 4-lane highway that looks like every other 4-lane highway on the face of the earth. Two lanes each way, a median, and trees on either side. If you must get from A to B quickly and efficiently, it makes sense. But if you really want to see and experience an area, back roads are the way to go.

Orchards abound
As do hay fields and vineyards

My “Australian man friend” (i.e. Siri) was my companion and adept at getting me where I wanted to go so I could enjoy the narrow, tree-lined roads through farmland, hills and valleys. Here and there the grass is quite green and most fields have been harrowed in preparation for planting. Huge farm equipment lumbers along the roads forcing drivers to slow right down – a very good thing I think. Although farms in the Valley grow pretty much everything, the predominant crops are apples (innumerable varieties) and grapes of assorted types for the many, many wineries in the area.

The towns and villages I was familiar with when I went to university at Acadia in Wolfville have changed dramatically. They’ve grown so much, and Wolfville looks much more urbanized than I remember.

I had the chance to visit some friends along the way. Some I hadn’t seen since pre-Covid. Others I hadn’t seen in DECADES! (You know who you are.) Gardens in sheltered nooks like my friends’ sport colourful spring flowers.

Spring has sprung in the Valley and I’m glad I had a day to explore backroads, orchards and vineyards.

If you are a “foodie” then the Valley is the place to go. Every town offers unique cafés, brew pubs and goodies available for purchase to take home as well. Dinner with friends Carol and Paul on Friday night was an event at The Spitfire Arms Alehouse in Windsor. Excellent food and service as we sat in the upstairs dining room overlooking the main street in town.

When I got up Saturday morning I discovered that the coffee provided with the ‘free’ breakfast at my motel (Super 8) was abysmal, so before I set off for my tour, I drove toward the Valley stopping at the Just Us! Coffee and Tea House near Grand Pré. They offer excellent coffees and a selection of teas plus, of course, assorted treats like muffins and oatcakes etc. Even gluten-free options for those who need them. It’s a great spot to sit in the sun room, enjoy the art and craft displays and plan your day.

Another excellent restaurant is on the main drag in downtown Berwick. I met my friend Corine at The Union Café for lunch. As usual, I was early so as you can see, I was attracted to one of their collection displays. Had a lovely chat with the proprietor about it as well!

Oh, and on the way to and from the Valley, I HAD to stop at the Masstown Market near Truro, NS, for goodies – to nibble at the hotel, a delivery for friends and to bring some home for Joel.

It’s a road trip designed for Foodies for sure!

So, I enjoyed my trip down memory lane for a couple of days. A nice break after a dull winter!

1 thought on “Orchards and Vineyards

  1. Beautiful, looks like you had a lovely weekend,
    fondly, Sue


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