Spring has (technically) sprung

According to the calendar, spring arrived a few weeks ago. According to the thermometer, it hasn’t really settled in yet. Nevertheless, the trees and bushes are beginning to bud-out in anticipation of warmer days to come.

Everywhere you look you’ll find buds in various stages of opening up, depending on the type of bush, tree or plant it’s on.

In some cases the imminent opening of the buds attracts ‘critters’ hoping to feed on the sap.

But each is, in its own way, lovely!

Rumour has it that the migrating hummingbirds are almost here. We’re ready whenever they arrive!

Not everything is good about spring, though. A herd (whatever you call them) of skunks has wreaked havoc on the lawn area behind our house. the damage extends probably 30-40 feet long and about 8-10 feet wide, so far. They must come in at night in the dark because we’ve never seen them. We assume its skunks, but who knows (I’m NOT sitting out there at night to find out).

Meanwhile, our resident alarm systems just watch!

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